Our Lady of Celestial Fire

Festivals for Tiberinus and Gaia

December 8

(Roman) Ancient: VI Id. Dec.
Festivals for Tiberinus Pater, Father Tiber, and Gaia. In times of draught, Tiberinus is prayed to as follows:

Adesto Tiberine cum tuis undis.
Mayest Thou be present, O Tiber, with thy waves.
One may follow Aeneas (Aen. 8.71) and with your hands scoop water from the river and lift it toward the rising sun while saying the prayer.

Gaia is the Greek word for Earth, not the Latin, and the Goddess honored in this festival is perhaps a Magpie Deity (Scullard claims gaius = magpie) connected with the Tiber. Gaia also means Bride (and Gaius Bridegroom). [SFR 202]