Our Lady of Celestial Fire

Festival of Larentalia

December 23

(Roman) Ancient: X Kal. Jan.
This festival honors Acca Larentia. Acca is an obscure Latin word: in Greek akko means a “ridiculous woman” or “bogey”; in Sanskrit akka means “mother.” Therefore Acca Larentia seems to be the Mater Larum (Mother of the Lares), who is also called Lara, Larunda, Larentina and Mania. Indeed Larentia was said to be the wife of the shepherd Faustulus (perhaps = Faunus), who found Romulus and Remus (who became the Lares of Rome) when they were being suckled by the she-wolf, and that Larentia became their foster-mother. Others say that Larentia herself was the she-wolf (lupa), and that’s why she is celebrated as a prostitute (lupa). In any case, in this festival She is given parental rites (Parentalia) as the mother of the divine ancestors.